image link What are Integers? An introduction to integers-- learning to compare integers.  (Discusssion)


Absolute Value IntroductionWhat is the absolute value of an integer. Working with absolute values.  (Discussion) 


Adding On Number LIneAdding Integers on The Number Line (Discussion)


Rules for Adding Integers Rules for adding Integers (Discussion)


Icon for Subtraction of Integers Subtracting Integers (Discussion)


Icon for "Laws of Addition" Discussion The Laws of Addition (Discussion)

Work in comaring integerswork Exercises 1. Practice comparing integers.



Absolute Value ExercisesWork Exercises 2. Practice with absolute values.


Adding On the Number Line Exercises 3 Work Exercises 3 Practice Adding integers on the Number  Line.


Using Rules to Add Integers Using rules to Add Integers Work Exercises 4


Subtracting Integers PracticeUsing the number line and Rules to Subtract integers or Sign numbers Exercises 5


Icon for The Laws of Addition Practice Practice your understanding of the laws of addition Exercises 6