Welcome to Yo Quiero Math

Note: Yo Quiero Math has a new site "Math Para Mi" at "http://www.mathparami.com" All tutorials and any additional tutorials are being housed in this new site. Please click the link for Math Para Mi.

Yo Quiero Math is a collection of basic math tutorials designed to help folks who want to prepare for community college, take the GED, or the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam). the tutorials cover various topics in elementary algebra. Each topic consists of two parts. One part contains the instruction or theory; the other contains exercises and practice.

These tutorials were created in Flash, a software tool that supports multimedia and allows interactivity with the user. Please install or upgrade, if necessary, your Adobe Flash player plug-in that goes in your browser.

Future Bilingual Site

This site will eventually be bilingual with Mexican-border Spanish and Tex-Mex English, but for now it will be just English "machucado."

Yo Quiero Math has a number of contributors and collaborators ranging from individual students, who inspired the main author to other teachers, colleagues and friends.

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